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August 14th At Sea - A light air from the Sward;
running to the Nward with stinsails : a large sick list from
the effects of the shore, but all trifling cases. At 3 hoisted signal
for a Pilot, who very soon came off and took us into
the entrance of the Parahiba where we anchored : at 6 a
Brazilian Steamer came in and was put into Quarantine,
having come from Bahia.

August 15th Frightfully hot, without a breath of wind.
At 9.30 an English Barque came down the river, and a large ship
was beating up for the River : at 2 the Health Officer came
off and gave us Pratique : 3 weighed and steamed up to
the Town where we moored, and banked fires up.
Commdr went ashore to the Consul's - any quantity of Sand
flies -

August 16th A very hot morning, got up with a headache
from passing a restless night, being kept awake by a large
bat and the flies - English Consul and Surgeon came on
board - 4 PM went ashore, dined with the Consul in the
evening passed an hour with the Doctor -returning to the
Consuls about 8, where cards were produced and 20$
were very soon passed away at Marshall Ney - after smoking
several pipes and drinking sundry glasses of wine the
Commdr and self got on board about midnight.

August 17th At 6.30 sent a boat for the President who
came in full fig, accompanied by the Consul and several
other gentlemen : had a Champagne breakfast with the Commdr
Unmoored and steamed down the River: stopped opposite the
Fort where the Party and Pilot were landed : let the fires
burn out, and made sail to the Sward with a strong
breeze from the SE. Shortyed and made sail as requisite.

August 18th Woke in the morning with a bad headache, kept

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