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my bed all day living on their arrowroot - Got up at
7 had my cabin put to rights and again turned in with
a Saturday night of Calomel and Opium.

Sunday August 19th Off Pernambuco. At daylight there
was a strong breeze and we made sail for Pernambuco where
we arrived between 9 and ten, and found a very large ship
from Australia with passengers : at 10 came to anchor in the
Outer Roads, and furled sails. At 1 Consul & Purser went ashore.
In the afternoon a boat from the Australian ship passed us full
of passengers : fancied I saw an old mess mate among them.

Monday 20th At 6.30 a Steamer was reported coming in
from the SW of course it was just down as the Packet Post
soon afterwards she turned to be a Brazilian and at 9 she
anchored close in shore of us : sent a boat ashore for Commdr.
At 1 A large Clipper Ship, the Eclipse passed from Australia
At 3 Saw the smoke of a Steamer South, soon made her out
to be the Severn with the Mail : She anchored close to
us, and seeing her send a boat towards the shore, we
at once sent for our mail : seeing the Health boat stop
the other from landing our boat lay on her oars, and soon
afterwards the Yellow Flag went up at the fore : there was
some uncessary delay about the letters and it was
after nine before we got them - Received very bad news
both from L and M answered them as well as I could
the same night.

August 21st At 9 a large vessel passed under American
colors - Commdr came on board in the forenoon : at 2 sent
our gig to the Consul's to take the English mail on board the
Packet: 3.30 Severn sailed for England.

August 22nd arrived a fine large Portuguese Steamer, bound
home, and two English vessels from Australia - Employed
Paid the salvage money for the French Wreck to Ships Company

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