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Soldiers, and eventually got to bed by ten.

Saturday September 1st. At Pernambuco. All of us
very tired and sleepy - Arrived a large American barque. At
11 the English Consul (Mr. Cooper) came on board, going
ashore with the Commdr in the afternoon - At 4 a Party went
out riding - Invited to a Whiskey Toddy turn out, but
declined, going on board by 7 PM and having made it
Saturday night - turned in.

Sunday September 2nd . At Pernambuco - Blowing
very fresh, with showers of rain - At 9 went to Divisions
and performed Divine Service, Pridham doing duty in
consequence of the Commdr being on shore. After dinner
gave liberty to 42 men - Heard of our having lost many
men on the Coast of Africa, in the Teazer, at an assault in
the Malacouri River, the Officer in command of the
troops being scalped and then cut to pieces. At
5 some of our Officers went ashore for a ride, sunset
sent a boat for a liberty men: many of them came off
very drunk, half of them remaining ashore.

September 3rd A few more came off, all very shaky:
after breakfast sent a boat for the remainder, found
out that three of them were put in prison. In the
evening went ashore: Purser very drunk, made a mess in his cabin.

September 4th At 8 a Pilot came on board, commenced unmooring:
hoisted the ensigns at each mast head. 9 weighed
and steamed out of harbor: 9.30 Pilot left : 10 let the
fires go out, and made sail. An increase on the List
in consequence of giving leave, but now very serious - Up
fan, and stood away to the Sward under easy sail.
Saw a great many black fish, some very large - Exercise
after quarters at shifting sails.

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