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Cartwright - the Chairman of the Board and Wm
Harty Vice-chairman.

Moved by R. V. Rogers and seconded by E.J.B. Pierce that
A.P. Knight be Registrar of the College.
His duties shall be to collect fees, register names
of students collect subscriptions, pay salaries of
officials at stated times, conduct correspondence
and write the minutes of the meetings of the Board

Moved by A.P. Knight and seconded by R.V. Rogers
that Dr Lavell be President and Dean of the
Faculty of the Kingston Women's Medical College
at a salary of Three Hundred dollars per annum
and that his appointment be conditioned upon
his giving his whole professional attention to the

Resolved that the following names be submitted
to the Dean as those of gentlemen qualified
to act Professors in the College and that the
question of their appointment be reported on at
the next meeting of the Board.

Dr. Sullivan, Dr Saunders, Dr Irwin, Dr Henderson
Dr Garrett, Dr Phelan, Dr Beth

The board was of opinion that the three final
students should all be appointed Demonstrators
of Anatomy.

Resolved that the Vice-chairman. Dr Pense
Dr. R.V. Rogers. Dr Gunn & Dr Kirkpatrick.
& Sir Richard Cartwright be appointed a
committee to wait upon the City Council
at its next meeting and ask for the use of

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