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A Special meeting of the Trustees of the Women's
Medical College was held on December 17th 1883.

Present: Mr & Mrs Harty, Mrs Britton, Miss Gildersleeve,
The Registrar, R.V. Rogers, E.J.B. Pense

In the absence of the chairman Wm Harty occupied the

The object of the meeting was to consider a letter from
the Provincial Secretary stating that the Lieutenant
Governor in Council
had no authority to grant a
charter giving to the Ladies' College the right "to grant
diplomas or certificates of qualification".

Moved by R.V. Rogers & seconded by E.J.B. Pense that we
accept the suggestion of the Provincial Council regarding
the advisability of procuring a private or public act
which will allow the College to grant Diplomas
or Certificates of Qualification to practice Medicine &
Surgery. Carried

Moved by R.V. Rogers seconded by Miss Gildersleeve that
as soon as a charter is obtained, the Registrar be
instructed to communicate with the authorities of
Queen's College and ask for affiliation with the
University. Carried

Moved by A.P. Knight & seconded by Mrs Britton that
Mr Adam McArthur be Treasurer of the College at a
salary of Thirty dollars ($30.00) per annum. Carried

Moved by R.V. Rogers seconded by A.P. Knight that all
moneys be deposited in some chartered Bank as
soon as possible after receipt and checked out
upon the signatures of the Treasurer & the
Chairman or Vice Chairman or in their absence
that of the Registrar.

Wm Harty, Vice Chairman

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