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The sixth Annual Meeting of the Subscribers
of the Women's Medical College was held
on Thursday the 6th of December 1888, at
4 oclock PM in the City Council Chambers
and was adjourned to Friday the 14th Decr
at the same hour and place when the following
subscribers were present viz Messrs
W Harty Chairman, RV Rogers,
MH Folger, LB Spencer, Dr Alice
McGillvray, Mrs Dickson and Miss

The financial report of the Treasurer
for year ending 1st June 1888 was read
showing a balance on hand of $1856.96
It was moved that the Treasurers
report be adopted, carried

It was moved that the Trustees take
immediate steps to find new and suitable
quarters for the College, carried.

A ballot was taken for the Election
of Trustees for the ensuing year and the
Scrutineers found that the old Board of
Trustees for last year were re-elected
viz Sir RJ Cartwright, Hon Geo A Kirkpatrick,
A Gunn, Jno Carruthers, W Harty, RV Rogers,
EJB Pense, MH Folger, Dr Knight,
Mrs W Harty, Mrs Macnee, Mr Britton,
Mrs Dickson, Mrs Trout, and Miss Gildersleeve

It was moved by Mr LB Spence
seconded by Mr H Folger that the meeting
adjourn for one month to hear report
of Trustees as to new quarters &c,

R Vashon Rogers, Chairman

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