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The annual meeting of the shareholders
of the Womens Medical College was
held in the College Buildings pursuant
to adjournment on 28 April /92 at 4 P.M.

Present Messrs Rogers, Pense, Horsey,
Drs Dupuis & Knight & Miss Gildersleeve.

The minutes of last annual meeting
were read & approved. The Annual
Financial Statement was read showing
a balance of $126.00 to 30 June 1891.

The balance on hand for 1892
to date was $636.00 with interest
of 288.00 & Janitors salary 75.00 list of
running expenses yet to be paid to date
making about $570.00 due in all to be
paid to date.

The Election of Trustees was then
proceeded with & the following were
elected Messrs Geo A Kirkpatrick, RM Horsey,
JB Carruthers, Jas Swift, Principal Grant,
Edwin Chown, RV Rogers, EJB Pense,
AP Knight, Dr JK Trout, Mrs HA Calvin,
Mrs Dickson, Mrs BM Folger, Mrs J Hendry,
& Miss Gildersleeve. The meeting then

EJB Pense
V. Chairman

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