Mr. James Rolls, Student in the College, appeared and lodged
a complaint against Mr. Alexander Muir, Student, alleging
that the latter had circul;ated reports injurious to his
character. On consideration of the case in so far as
Mr. Rolls's statement was concerned, the Senatus appointed
the Principal & Professor Smith a Committee
to inquire into the case more particularly & deal with
it as seemed proper to them.

The Senatus adjourned to meet in the College on the
3rd. of February, and the proceedings were closed with Prayer.


Queen's College, Kingston
3 February 1851.

The Senatus met this day according to adjournment
and was duly constituted by the Principal.

Sederunt, the Revd. Dr. Machar, Professors Urquhart,
Williamson & Smith.

The Censor's list was given in and examined in presence
of the Students.

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