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Time fixed for
Competition for

shall take place immediately after the examination
of Candidates for Matriculation who may present
themselves before the first Monday after the commencement
of the Session.

Hours as formerly

The same hours of meeting in the several
Classes, as formerly, were continued, as also the meeting
for religious instruction on Sabbath Morning to be
held at a quarter to Ten O'clock.

for Degree
on behalf of
Mr. Kay.

An Application was made by the Vice Principal
on behalf of Mr. Kay, Teacher of the
Grammar School at Cornwall for the Degree of
Bachelor of Arts. The Senatus requested Professor
George to inform Mr. Kay, that, in accordance
with the Bye law passed in a former Session, all
Candidates for degrees are required to appear,
and be examined.

The Secretary pro tem. was instructed to
procure a New Minute Book

Closed with prayer.

Jas. Williamson Secy. Pro tem.

Queen's College 7th Novr. 1855

The Senatus met and was constituted by
prayer Sederunt Revd. Vice Principal George,
Professors Weir, & Williamson.

After the usual opening address, delivered
by Professor George, the Senatus, having been
fully satisfied with their examination of his
qualifications unanimously conferred the
Honorary Degree of Master of Arts on Mr. William

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