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The Senatus was unanimously of opinion, that
the dgree of M.A. should be conferred on David
James Macdowell, Fergus, C.W., with honors
in all the subjects of Examination.

On the recommendation of the Medical Faculty
the Senatus agreed to confer the degree of M.D.
on the following gentlemen.
Nelson J. Bird, Belleville.
Thomas Chananhouse[?], Kingston.
James G. Cranston, Hamilton.
Thomas R. Dupuis, Harrowsmith.
John G. Giles Famerville.
Edward H. Horsey, Kingston.
Edward McKenzie Prescott.
Willaim R. Roche, Easton's Corners.
George R. Rose Kingston
George Doolette Spooner, Kingston
James D. Trousdale, Newboro:

A letter was read from Mr. Neil Macleod
Honorary Secretary to the Kingston Hospital
reminding the Senatus that by Section Second of
Act of Incorporation of said Hospital, "The
Senatus of Queen's College has the privilege of
nominating annually one of the Medical Professors
a member of the Hospital Board. The Senatus
in Exercise of this right unanimously nominated
Dr. Dickson.

It was agreed that there should be an Examination
before the Professors, of the Arts' Classes
on Wednesday the 25th Current, at 9 O'Clock

There was laid before the Senatus a letter
from Mr. Hugh Fraser, Treasurer of the
Aberdeen Universities Missionary Association
enclosing a draft for £7 sterling, to be

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