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Apr. 7th 1865

[margin]and Gill recommended
for D.D.

factory evidence as to the qualifications of Rev.
Samuel B. Bergue one of the Secretaries of
the British and Foreign Bible Society, and Rev.
Henry Gill, Secretary to the Publication Committee
of the British and Foreign Bible Society,
and at present the Delegate from
that Society to the British Provinces, agreed
to recommend these gentlemen to
the Senate for the degree of Doctor of Divinity.

Adjourned till Tuesday next at one

Closed with prayer.

W. Snodgrass

J.B. Mowat

April 11th 1865

Queen's University April 11th 1865

The Senatus met and was constituted.

Sederunt Principal Snodgrass, Professors Williamson,
Murray, and Mowat, and Rev. J. H. McKerras
Interim Professor of Classics.

The minutes of last meeting were read and

Rept. on Theolog. examinations
Thesis of J
Bell sustained[/margin]

The Report on Theological examinations was
given in and adopted.

The Committee appointed to examine the
Thesis of Mr. John Bell B.A. having reported
that they were highly satisfied with it the Senatus
agreed to sustain it, and to recommend Mr.
Bell to the Senate for the degree of M.A.

An average to be
allowed for one absence
from monthly exam

It was agreed that an average number of
marks shall be allowed for one absence from
the monthly examinations provided the absence
be certified by a medical man as occasioned by

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Line 44 of transcription: "sickness" is a catchword.