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October 4th 1865

Queens University October 4th 1865

The Senatus mnet and was constituted.

Sederunt Principal Snodgrass, Professors
Williamson, Murray, and Mowat, and Rev.
J. H. McKerras, Interim Professor of Classics.

examination questions to be printed

It was agreed that the questions for the
matriculation examinations shall be printed.

[margin]order of examinations[/margin]

It was agreed that st the matriculation
examinations the subjects shall be taken in the
following order:
[left column]Mathematics &c.
9-11. 1st year
11-1. 3d year
3-5. 2d year

[center column]Classics
9-11. 2d year
11-1. 1st year
3-5. 3d year

[right column]Rhetoric, Logic &c.
9-11. 3d year
11-1. 2d year
3-5. 1st year

Closed with prayer.

JB Mowat
W Snodgrass, Principal

[margin]October 6th 1865[/margin]

Queens University October 6th 1865

The Senatus met and was constituted.

Sederunt Prioncipal Snodgrass, Professors Williamson,
Murray, and Mowat, an d Rev. J. H.
McKerras, Interim Professor of Classics.

[margin]Matriculants examined[/margin]

The following candidates for matriculation
underwent a written examination:

[margin]11 of Ist year[/margin]

Ist year, William Claxton, Robert Crawford, John
Francis Fraser, Peter Stratton Livingston, Hugh
John MacDonald, William Malloy, Archibald
Blacklock McLean, James McNee, John Oliver
Mowat, William R. Mulock, Irwin Stuart.

[margin]8 of IId year[/margin]

IId year. John F. Bain, Robert Campbell, William
C. Haven, John M. Macdonnell, Charles D.
McIntyre, William J. Muckleston, Alexander
Nicholson, John H. Nimmo.

[right align]IIId[/right align}

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