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March 24. 1868

of Medicine: Resolved also that Laurence Saunders
having produced the necessary certificate of age
the same degree be conferred and it is hereby conferred
on him. With reference to William E.
Burgar also a candidate the Senate resolved that
he has passed the necessary examinations to entitle
him to the same degree, and that it will
be conferred at a future statutory meeting on his
production of all the required certificates.


The Senate having heard the report of
the Examiners in Mediciine and having had
the necessary certificates produced resolved to record
and hereby record that

James Adam Alexander, Barrie
Enoch Alway, Townsend
Henry Bethune, Scotland
Mark Bice, Hampton
James Bingham, Enniskillen
William E. Burgar
Henry T Corbett, Kingston
Francis W.J. Erly, Kingston
Albert John Fele, Fredericksburg
Anson L Fraser, Middlesex
Albert Edward Harvey, Nova Scotia
Solomon Cartwright Hillier, Ernestown
George Hendry, Leeds
John Hutchison
Arvin Stoddart Leavitt, Leeds
James Mann, Packenham
Edward Nesbitt, Beckwith
Charles Wesley Purdy, Ernestown
Herbert J. Saunders, England
Hugh Spear, Ireland
Hiram R. Spooner, Stovington

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