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March 31 1868

Williamson, Murray, McKerras, and Mowat.

The minutes of last meeting were read
and approved.

minutes of

The Registrar having called attention to
the fact that the minutes of the last meeting
of last session had not yet been approved, they
were now read and approved with instrucitons
to the Registrar to engross them cum note of
their being now approved.

Malloy & Livingston

On application of Messrs Malloy and
Livingston students in Arts - resolved that
they be permitted to appear two years hence
as candidates for the degree of Bachelor, provided
they then produce certificates of attendance
at the classes compulsory on students of
the fourth year in the graduates' course, and
of matriculation in Arts in the beginning of
next session.

Order of University
examinations in

Arrangements were made to conduct the
University examinations in Arts in the following

Third Year Second Year First Year
Monday, Apr 6 Latin (Pass) Latin (Pass)
Tuesday, " 7 Greek (Pass) Greek (Pass) Mathematics (Pass)
Thursday, " 9 Chemistry (Pass) Nat. Science (Pass) Mathematics (Honours)
Monday, " 13 Metaphysics (Pass) Mathematics (Pass) Latin (Pass)
Wednesday, " 15 Metaphysics (Honours) Mathematics (Hon.)
" " 15 Chemistry (Honours)
Thursday, " 16 Extra subjects Extra Subjects Classics (Honours)
Friday, " 17 Classics (Honours) Classics (Honours) Extra subjects
Monday, " 20 Nat. Philosophy (Pass) Logic (Pass) Rhetoric (Pass)
Wednesday, " 22 Nat. Philosophy (Hon.) Logic (Honours)
There was read an application from James
E. Burgess to be permitted to appear at the ensuing
University examination. The further consider

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