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[margin]April 24, 1868[/margin]

Pass 2d year students

Second Year
1. Thomas H. McGuire
2. Ebenzer D. McLaren
3. Mark R. Rowse
4. Duncan McTavish
5. George L.B. Fraser
6. Alexander H. Ireland

Herr examined orally

John T. Herr having been absent owing
to the death of a relative from the written examinations
in Mathematiacs and Bible History, it
was agreed to examine him orally in these branches
on Tuesday next.

Pass 3d year students

Third Year
1. Robert Crawford
2. William Malloy
3. William R. Mulock
4. Peter L. Livingston
5. John F. Fraser

Burgess examined

James E. Burgess having been absent from
the examination in Bible History on the plea
that he was not aware of the day on which it
was held, it was agreed to examine him in
that branch on Tuesday next.

Honour candidates

On a review of the written examinations
the Senate sustained the University examination
of the following candidates for honours, named
in the order of merit.

Second Year
1. Thomas H. McGuire, First class in Mathematics, Classics
and Logic
2. Ebenezer D. McLaren, First class in Logic, Second
Class Classics
3. Mark R. Rowse, Second class in Classics and
4. Duncan McTavish, Second class in Mathematics.

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