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April 24, 1868

Third Year
1. Robert Crawford, First class in Classics and metaphysics,
second class in Chemistry
2. William R Mulock, first class in Chemistry
3. Peter L. Livingston, second class in Chemistry

It was found that the Trustees scholarship
fell to be awarded to Frederick Welch.

Thanks to Astronomer

In reference to the donation recently received
from the Royal Observatory, the Senate
passed the following minute: That the cordial
thanks of the Senate of this University, are due
and are hereby tendered to Sir George B. Airy
Astronomer Royal, for the large and very valuable
collection of astronomical works which
he had so liberally presented to the Observatory
department of the Library. It is hoped and believed
that not only will these works in a most
essential manner promote the end which they
are more immediately designed to effect - that
of rendering the Kingston Observatory better equipped
for the purposes for which it was instituted,
and an efficient contributor to the cause of scientific
observation and research - but also that
the presentation of them will tend to strengthen
the many and strong bonds that connect this
colony to the mother country.

Thanks to Dr.

In reference to the recent donations of
books received from Dr. Romanes of London
the Senate passed the following minute; That
the cordial thanks of the Senate of this University
be and are hereby tendered to the Rev.
George Romanes LL.D. for the active and
untiring interest which he continues to evince
in the progress of this Institution, more especially
as manifested in his recent liberal donations

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