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[margin]April 28 1868[/margin]

Minister of St Peter's Church, Dundee, Scotland.

thanks to Rev.
Charles J Cameron

The Senate having learned that the
Rev. Charles J. Cameron, missionary at Bombay
a Graduate of this University, has presented to
the Museum a large, varied, and interesting collection
of Indian shells, resolved to record, and
hereby do record their cordial thanks to Mr.
Cameron for his valuable donation, and their
deep gratification that that gentleman has not
allowed distance to diminish his attachment
to his Alma Mater but continues in his remote
home to take an unabated interest in all that
affects her welfare.

2d instalment of
Burgess's scholarship

A letter having been read from James
E. Burgess respecting his scholarship, it was resolved
that a statement of the case be transmitted
to the Trustees with a recommendation
in favour of the payment of the second instalment.

application of
James McNee

There was read a letter from James McNee
student in Arts requesting to be restored
to his rank as an undergraduate. The Senate
having due regard to the regulations and Page
19 of the Calendar for this session, viz. that candidates
for B.A. must complete the curriculum,
pass all university examinations in the course
and reach a certain standard in final examinations,
and also to the general standing of Mr.
McNee in his several classes, resolve that his request
cannot be complied with.

forfeited scholarships

The Senate resolved that the Principal
and the Secretary be a committee to correspond
with students of former years who in consequence
of their declared intention of studying for the
ministry in connection with the Church of Scotland

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