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Decem. 14. 1868

[Esotrev?] examination
for bursaries

resolution, and instructed the Clerk to post up
a copy of it on the blackboard. An examination
for Bursaries will be held in the
Classical Room on Saturday, 9th January,
beginning at ten o'clock. The subjects of
examination will be those last announced
for matriculation in the several departments,
the minimum of marks required
being one fourth of the maximum allotted
to each deapartment. Each intending candidate
is required to give his name to the
Secretary of the Senate on or before Thursday
the 17th inst. with a declaration in writing
that a Bursary is needed.

Medical matriculation

The Secretary was instructed to request
Mr. Woods to examine the candidates
for Medical matriculation and to give in
his report of the results of the examination
at his earliest convenience, that the Senate
may be enabled to admit such candidates
as pass to the rank of undergraduates.

The Senate appointed the matriculation
examination of Robert Crawford to
take place on January 9th.

Closed with prayer.
W. Snodgrass, D.D, Principal
J.B. Mowat, Secretary


Dec. 18. 1868

Queen's University December 18th 1868

The Senate met and was constituted.

Sederunt Principal Snodgrass, Professors
Williamson, Murray, MacKerras, Dupuis and

The minutes of last meeting were read
and approved.

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