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March 23, 1869

in favour of their passing, resolved that the
said candidates have passed their examinations,
and agreed to confer, and hereby do confer
on each of them the degree of Doctor of Medicine
Resolved also that John Hutcheson likewise
a candidate has passed the necessary examinations
to entitle him to the same degree,
and that it will be conferred at a
future statutory meeting on the production
of the certificate of matriculation, and the ticket
of registration.

Primaries in

The Senate having heard the report
of the Examiners in Medicine, and having
had the necessary certificates produced resolved
to record and hereby record that the
following undergraduates in medicine named
in alphabetical order viz

Walter D.P.U. Day, Waterloo
William Charles Dumble, Cobourg
George Hodge, Clarke
Murdoch Matheson, Aldborogh
Vincent Howard Moore, Whitehurst
Levi Potter, Enniskillen
James Rutherford, Kirby
A. Sayers, Belleville
James Alexander Lievewright, Chatheam
Thomas Henry Thornton, Orono
have passed their primary examination

List of those exempted
from oral examination

Of the above undergraduates and graduates
the following having obtained the necessary
number of marks at the written examinations,
viz. 140 out of in three out of
four of the subjects were exempted form
the oral examination, viz of those who

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