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1869-70 262

Ap. 5th 1870
on theses

Professors Murray and Mowat were appointed
to examine the Theses of candidates for M.A.
and report.

date of class tickets

It was resolved that the class tickets be
dated from the beginning to the close of the

Rules for printers
exam papers

It was agreed that only those printers
shall be exployed to print the examination
papers who shall agree to the following conditions:

1. That the paper shall be the same
quality as that which the Calendar is

2. That the page shall be of the same
size as the Calendar.

3. That each paper shall be on a full
sheet of same size as calendar.

4. That the type be small pica except
when otherwise ordered.

5. That no communication or hint of any
kind as to the contents of any examination
paper be given to any one whatsoever not connected
with the office.

Closed with prayer.
W. Snodgrass D.D., Principal
J.B. Mowat, Secretary


April 15th 1870

Queen's University April 15th 1870

The Senate met and was constituted.
Sederunt Principal Snodgrass, Professors
Williamson, Murray, MacKerras, and Dupuis

The mintes of last meeting were
read and approved.

examination papers

The Principal submitted a copy of in

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