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Ap. 26. 1870

candidate barely reach the prescribed standard
the Senate may examine him orally
in order to decide upon his standing.

56. Successful Candidates shall be classified
as Matriculants, Passmen, Honour
Men, and Graduates, in lists showing
their order of merit.

[Section] 15. Degree of Master of Arts (M.A.)

57. The Degree of Masters of Arts shall
not be conferred upon any Candidate until
after an interval of two years from the
date of his graduation as Bachelor.

58. The condition of obtaining it shall
be the composition of a sufficiently meritorious
Thesis on some subject taught in
the Faculty of Arts or closely connected
with one of the Departments.

59. Candidates shall select their own
subjects, but must intimate their selection
for the approval of the Senate before the
first day of March, by letter addressed to
the Secretary of the Senate.

60. The Thesis must be given in to
the Secretary of the Senate on or before
the first day of April and must have attached
to it a certificate showing the Candidate's
age to be at least twenty one.

61. All successful Theses for the Degree
of Master shall become the property
of the University

[Section] 16. Ad eundem Degrees.
62. Graduates of other Colleges may be
admitted ad eundem gradum on producing
satisfactory certificates of rank and character

[Section] 17. University examinations in Theology.

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