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Nov. 8th. 1877
arrangements for
Elocution class

curriculum required of its graduates.

A letter was read from D.C. Bell anent
the arrangements for the Elocution class. The Senate
appointed the hour from 4 to 5 P.M. for the
meetings of the class and agreed to leave to Mr
Bell's discretion the mode of conducting the class.

Applicaiton from
M.L. Oxley

A letter was read from M.L. Oxley asking
to be allowed to come up to the examination in
that subject next April, on the grounds that illness
prevented him from preparing for the examination
held at the opening of the present
session. The Senate agreed to grant Mr. Oxley's

arrangements for
Divinity class

A letter was read from Dr. George Bell in
regard to the Divinity Class, the charge of which
had been given him by the Trustees during the
first month of the session. The Senate agreed
that the arrangments for the class be left to Dr.
Bell and Prof. Mowat.

Closed with the benediction.

Jas. Williamson, Vice Principal
J.B. Mowat, Secretary


Dec. 15th. 1877

Queen's University December 15th 1877

The Senate met and was constituted.

Sederunt Rev. George M Grant, M.A. recently
elected Principal and Primarius Professor of Divinity,
Professors Williamson, Mowat, Mackerras,
Dupuis, Ferguson and Watson.

The minutes of the last meeting held November
3d were read and approved.

matriculants in theology

It was found that the following students
named in the order of merit had passed the
matriculation examination in Theology viz.

Archibald A. Mackenzie
Joseph F. White
Gilbert C. Patterson
James Cumberland

scholars in theology

and that the scholarships in Theology had been
gained as follows viz:

Leitch memorial (2) Archiblad A. Mackenzie

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