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April 3d 1878

facts - that his attendance fell considerably short
of the minimum required, and that a similar
application was made and granted last session.

application from
G. McArthur

In compliance with an application from
George McArthur it was agreed to allow him to
attend the ensuing University examination in
chemistry as he had been prevented by sickness
from attending in October.

programme of Un.
exam laid over

A programme of the ensuing University
examinations was laid before the Senate by the
Committee appointed to prepare it. The Senate
agreed before adopting it to have it placed on
the notice board for a few days that they might
ascertain whether any alterations would require to
be made in it to prvent its conflicting with the
necessary arrangements of any of the students.

inscription on
gold medals

The Senate agreed that the inscription
on each gold medal shall consist of the name of
the winner, and of the subject or department in
which it has been won.

Closed with the benediction

Geo. M Grant, Principal
J.B. Mowat, Secretary


April 6th 1878

Queen's University April 6th 1878

The Senate met and was constituted.

Sederunt Principal Grant, Professors Williamson,
Mowat, Dupuis, Ferguson, and Watson.

The minutes of the last meeting held 3d inst.
were read and approved.

application from
M. MKay anent

In reference to an intimation from Matthew
McKay that he wished to take the French and
Natural Philosophy classes next session, and that according
to the new time-table these classes meet at
the same hour. The Senate agreed that he be recommended
either to take junior Hebrew instead of
French next session or to defer applying for his
degree till the session after next.

The following programme of the ensuing
University examinations was adopted after revisal:

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