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April 6th 1878

Convocation Hall Classical Room Philosophy

examinations -

[date] [first] [second] [third]
Thurs 11th Junior mathematics senior Latin
gold medal, mathematics honours in ethics (gen.)
Frid. 12 rhetoric & English liter.
Honours in ethics (gen)
gold medal, Greek
honours in nat. phil.
Satur. 13 ethics Junior Latin
Monday 15 natural science
honours in metaphys. (gen)
gold medal, Greek
Tues. 16 senior mathematics metaphysics & honours in metaphys. (gold medal_)
Wednes. 17 Junior Greek
gold medal, mathem
Thurs. 18 natural philosophy senior Greek history
Hebrew (3 - 6 P.M.) English grammer [?]
Friday 19 German
honours in history
elocution (7.30 P.M.)
Acts of Apostles (Buchan prize)
Satur. 20 logic (10-12 A.M.)
honours in Eng. Lit.

application from
J. Awde

Sederunt 10 - 12 A.M. and 3 - 5 P.M. each day

In reference to an application from James
Awde it was agreed to count his attendance at the
classes of natural philosophy and natural science
as sufficient, and to allow him to come up for
his examination in natural philosophy in October.

Porefessors Mowat and Dupuis were appointed
to arrange the seats in Convocation Hall for
the University examinations.

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