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April 10th 1878

inst., were read and approved.

The Senate resumed the revisal of the Calendar.

Timetable laid over
till next session

Having been informed by the Principal
that Prof. Mackerras strongly objects to the new
time-table, the Senate agreed to lay it over for
consideration till the beginning of next session.

The Senate adjourned to meet on Monday
the 21st inst. at four o'clock P.M.

Closed with the benediction.

G.M. Grant, Principal
J.B. Mowat, Secretary


April 22d 1878

Queen's University April 22d 1878

The Senate met and was constituted.

Sederunt Principal Grant, Professors Williamson,
Mowat, Dupuis, Ferguson, and Watson.

The minutes of the last meeting held 10th
inst. were read and approved.


On a review of the written examinations in
Arts the Senate sustained the University examination
of the following undergraduates named
in the order of merit in each subject, viz

Junior Latin
1. Adam R. Linton
2. Nicholas B. Davis
3. Daniel McTavish
4. Henry C. Fowler
5. Herbert M. Mowat
6. Henry H.T. Shibley
7. James Hutcheson
8. John P. Hume
9. Robert G. Feek
10. William J. McCuaig
11. William G. Brown
12. Peter M. Pollock
13. Gilbert C. Patterson
14. Alexander MacTavish
15. James Smith
16. James R. O'Reilly
17. James Sommerville

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