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1881 - 2

[left margin] Ap. 24th, 1882

to confer and hereby do confer the degree of D.D.
upon the Rev. James Paterson Sheraton B. A. Principal
of the Protestant Episcopal Divinity
School Toronto, and the degree of LL.D. upon
Prof. George Paxton Young M. A. of the University
of Toronto.

[left margin] Passmen in Theology

On a review of the written examinations
in Theology the Senate sustained the University
Examination of the following students
named in the order of merit

Junior Hebrew
1. J. Murray
2. A. R. Linton
3. D. McTavish }
4. J. Moore }
5. J. Somerville } equal
6. P. M. Pollock
7. J. Bennett
8. L. W. Thom
9. J. Dow

Senior Hebrew
W. L. Smith

Greek Testament (Hebrew)
1. D. McTavish
2. A. R. Linton
3. L. W. Thom
4. J. Bennett
5. J Moore
6. G. McArthur
7. P. M. Pollock
8. J. Dow
9. W. L. Smith

Textual Criticism of N. T.
1. A . R. Linton
2. J. Moore
3. J. Bennett
4. P. M. Pollock
5. A. McLaren
6. W.L. Smith
7. J. Dow
8. L. W. Thom

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