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Ap. 24th 1882

to his being admitted to graduation he must give
one year's attendance, and in two or more following
years must pass in such subjects additional
to those taken by him in the University of
Toronto and during his attendance at this University
as may be necessary for graduation.

The Senate having found the production
of certificates by the following undergraduates
in Medicine viz.

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Robert Stephen Anglin
Albert Peterson Cornell
Alexander Daniel Cameron
Hillier Neil Coulter
George Henry Denike
Richard William Garrett
Charles Eli Jarvis
Henry Knox
Frederick Hoyt
Hugh Neil McDonald
Alfred Arthur Mordy
John Lavell Reeve
David Bell Rutherford
John Marks Stewart

to be in accordance with their regulations and
the report of the Examiners to be in favour
of their passing resolved that the said fourteen
candidates have passed their final examination
in Medicine. The Senate furthermore
resolved to confer and hereby do confer
the degree of M.D. upon each and all of
these gentlemen. Three of them viz. Messrs
Garrett, Rutherford and Stewart having obtained
the requisite number of marks at the
written examination were exempted from an
oral examination. In compliance with the
recommendation of the Medical Examiners the
Senate also conferred the degree of C.M. upon
the above named Doctors of Medicine and
upon Doctors Wm H. Henderson, Drs Clinton,
James M. Dupuis, and Henry H. Reeve.

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passmen in Medicine

The Senate having heard the report of the

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