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In 1923 the Trustees of the University decided that
a continuation of Queen's Domesday Book should be written. The
work of compilation was given to Dr. Malcolm Macgillivray; and he
accordingly collected the material that has been transcribed in
the following pages.

In 1934 the Librarian, E.C. Kyte, brought before the
Library Curators the question of perpetuating in a second volume the
manuscript material that Dr. Macgillivray had gathered. It was
resolved to obtain a writer; and Mr. Hall, the father of a student,
Oswald Hall, of Cecil, Saskatchewan, was asked to make up the book
on the sheets provided. Mr. Hall died in the following year, hav-
ing transcribed the material up to the year 1910-1911. The
Library Curators then asked the Rev. Mr. Baldwin, of Kingston, to
complete the work. This was done in May, 1936. Mr. Baldwin re-
ceived $50.00 for his part of the transcription.

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