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University to the place, and also to the Province and the Dominion,
made a gift of $50,000.00 to be used in the erection of an additional
building which was much needed, and which was, later, named the
Kingston Hall. This valuable gift was duly and gratefully
acknowledged by the Board, and cordial thanks given to the city,
and to all the friends who had helped in the undertaking.
Steps were, at once, taken by the Board to proceed to the erection
of the building, which, when completed, would be the home of
the Faculty of Arts.

The School of Mining, successful from the first, having out-grown
its quarters, the Board of Governors submitted the following
proposition to the Trustees:

(1) That if Queen's University would erect a building suitable
for the use of the School, to be erected from plans
satisfactory to the University, the School of Mining, and the
Lieutenant Governor in Council, said building to cost, exclusive
of the site $30,000 to $40,000, the Board of Governors, of the
School, would agree to lease said building for the space
of ninety-nine years, paying therefor as rental 6% on the cost
of construction, the Lessors to keep said building in repair.
(2) In the event of a Power House and Plant being erected as
contemplated by the University, the Governors of the School
of Mining will be prepared to pay the cost of supplying
power, heat and light to the Mining School Buildings,
the amount to be equitably adjusted by agreement between
the parties.


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