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(2) The Commission recognises the desirability of continuing
the connection between the University and the
Presbyterian Church, and of preserving the University's
broad, liberal and Christian character unimpaired.

(3) The Commission regards the University as a most
important part of the educational system of the
Province, deserving a liberal measure of public support.
It is of opinion that if the present relations of the
University to the Church be maintained, the members
of the Church will, with general unanimity, be
prepared to assist in the adequate support of the
University; and it recommends that this assistance
take the form of additional endowment.

(4) The Commission draws attention to the following
facts affecting the relations of the University to the
Church, and asks the Presbyteries to consider the same.
According to the present Constitution the Principal
must be a minister of the Presbyterian Church in
Canada. The Board of the University consists of
32 members, 21 of whom must be members of the
Presbyterian Church: 12 of these being Ministers, and
15 non-ministerial members: 5 members of the Board,
who are not necessarily Presbyterians, are chosen by
the University Council which embraces the Trustees
and the Senate - including the Theological Professors -
and as many graduates as shall be equal in number


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