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changing, the University was expanding, and so were the
claims upon the Treasury, and th Finance and Estates
Committee was beginning to feel a little dubious about
the half-million. Meantime Mr. Laird's canvass was
continued. Mr. Robert Laird was continued as General
Secretary ; later his appointment to the Staff as Professor
of Practical Theology would be dealt with by the full Board.
At the April meeting following, Mr. Laird was appointed
to this Chair, a position which, from scholarship and
experience, he was highly qualified to fill.

In prosecuting the Endowment movement Mr. Laird gave
himself most heartily and with tireless energy to this
task, visiting Presbyteries, congregations, Alumni Associations
and individuals. He made extensive use of the daily and
weekly press for disseminating information about the
history, work, claims and requirements of Queen's. He
arranged for and directed the services of a number
of clergymen working with him in securing
contributions, and, in addition to such financial
assistance as was thus received, the University became
favourably known in many localities where it had been
previously little heard of. One result of this more
extended knowledge regarding Queen's was an increase
in the enrollement of students.

By way of a relieving diversion amidst the many

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