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The second session thereafter, the same course was again
offered with the same excellent results; the total number on
the service roll of the Corps in the spring of 1916 was 406.

Soon, consequent on the large drafts made upon its
numbers, the contingent was reduced to 75, but this number
included 15 professors and undergraduates who had obtained
their certificates in previous years.

The GTC thus finding itself unable to provide as many
men immediately, as formerly, did what it could to help, in
another way, giving $500.00 to the Regimental Fund of the
253rd Queen's University Highlanders Battalion. Of the
educational value of the GTC there could be no question,
either as to soldierly efficiency, or the sharpening of the minds
for academic study.

And, notwithstanding the acute disturbance created
by the war, and the insistent call to the colors, the various
societies and organizations of the University and Theological
College carried on their work with their old-time enthusiasm
and success, and their meetings and transactions
quickened the heart-beats of devotion to the higher interests of country
and humanity.

The Committee appointed to nominate a successor to
Dr Gordon, Principal Emeritus, had been diligent in making
earnest enquiry in many directions for a name to present
to the Board. As yet, it could only report that after some
correspondence, Mr. Peacock of London, was authorized to

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