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them most suitable for this purpose, especially in connection with the
approaching meetings of the Synod of Toronto and Kingston, at Kingston,
and of the General Assembly at Hamilton."

The Finance and Estate Committee were at the same meeting
authorized, if it should be found necessary for the ensuing Session to
engage an Assistant to Professor Mackerras, whose health was now
in a very precarious state.

Mr. Alexr Melville Bell, lecturer on Elocution on the John
Watkins foundation, being much engaged in matters connected with
the invention of the telephone by his son, his brother Mr. D.C. Bell
ably conducted the classes in Elocution in his place.

The Library now contained 11000 volumes, and many
additions were made to it during the past year by donation and
purchase. Six gold medals were announced in the Calendar for
the ensuing Session, one for honour work in Greek, another for
honours in Mathematics, the third for honours in Mental Philosophy,
the fourth for honours in Natural Philosophy, the fifth
for honours in Chemistry, and the sixth for honours in Political


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