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and obtain an expression of their views and transmit the
same to me in the enclosed envelope.

Replies to the questions, with the names of individuals,
may be entered on the enclosed sheet.

I beg respectfully to request you that you will give this
matter your attnetion without delay.

Signed Sandford Fleming, etc.

The annual meeting of the Board of Trustees
was held on the 28th of April, when after the discussion
of the usual matters of business, the question of University
Federation was brought up for final settlement.

The Chancellor stated that final action should now be taken
by this Board, and read his report which had been presented
to the Council and also to the Public Meeting on the
previous evening, (See Q.C.J) together with the resolutions
passed by both the Council and the Public Meeting, when
it was moved by Rev. Dr. Wardrope, recorded by Rev. D.J.
Macdonnell, and resolved. That the final reply of the
Board of Trustees of Queen's College, be transmitted to the
Hon the Minister of Education regarding the Scheme of
University Education submitted by him, as follows, -"

At the last meeting of the Board a Report was adopted
expressing the views of the Trustees as in Body regarding
the Memorandum of the Minister of Education
embracing a Scheme for the Confederation for the

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