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As for many years past a steady increase in the
number of students was recorded for this session.
The numbers were as follows
Arts 241
Professional Faculties 111
Theology 20
[total] 372

The session of 1886-87 was an eventful one for Queen's

With the cessation of the harassing
uncertainty which had attended the propostion of University
Federation, the Trustees and Friends of Queen's had
felt the increased necessity of lengthening her cords and strengthening
her stakes. Immediate action had been taken
for increasing her revenue by the establishment of the University
Endowment Fund, but the results were insufficient for
meeting the needs of the University, and it was decided
that the time had come to place her finances on a permanent
basis, and increase her work in different directions.
It was proposed that strenous efforts should be
made to raise the sum of $250.000 to be called, in honour
of the Queen's Jubilee Year, The Queen's Jubilee Endowment
Fund. The scheme as propounded by the Principal in
his address at Convocation, had the following ends in
view. The University Council, after full consideration,
has come to the conclusion that a



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