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arts, agriculture navigation and other industries of the people.
That the mayor, alderman McIntyre and Alderman
Gildersleeve be appointed a deputation to wait upon the Government
to press the above on its immediate consideration.

That this Council, being convinced that a School of Practical Science
would be of incalculable value in stimulating all the industries
of Eastern Ontario, and more particularly of value to the intelligent
young men of this section of the Province, respectfully adjacent
municipalities and County Council to unite with it in
such ways as may seem best to them respectively, in pressing this
matter on the Government."

About the same time a deputation, consisting of the Chancellor
and Principal representing Queen's, of Wardens, Reeves and
Mayors representing the eleven Counties round Kingston and
the cities and towns of Kingston, Relleville, Deseronto, and
Picton, and influential gentlemen, lay and clerical, representing
the Q.U.E.A. of Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Guelph, and
Brampton, waited on the Provinical Government on the 9th
of January to ask for the School of Science. All the
members of the Government were present.

It was explained that the Deputation was
present with the view of endeavouring to include the Government
to establish in the City of Kingston an institution similar to that
which it was understood the Government intended to establish
in connection with Toronto University and Victoria
College as confederate at Toronto. It was represented

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