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1887 -88

The total number of students for this session was 419.

Arts. 249
Medicine. 143
Theology. 27

The summer of 1887 was devoted to the carrying
out of the scheme decided upon at the close of the last
session. The sum of $10,000 had already been promised
by Mr. John Carruthers towards the erection of a School
of Science, and the Members of Senate had subscribed a
similar amount towards the general fund. In May
the Principal met with the local committee of the Endowment
Fund in Montreal and Ottawa, and received great
support and encouragement. Owing to the meeting
of the General Assembly, in connection with which the
Principal had active duties, he was unable to begin the
campaign in earnest until the month of July. From
that time until the middle of September, when he was
overtaken by severe illness, the Principal, ably assisted
by Dr. F.G. Smith, was untiring in his efforts towards
the desired end. The work was not allowed to suffer
when he was laid aside, but the graduates in various
parts of the country came forward and
carried it on with such energy that at a special

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