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a special meeting of the Board in September.

The Library received again this year valuable gifts of books. The Library itself has been much improved by the allerations of the past summer, but it was found that it had been necessary to make further changes in the management. The increasing duties of the Registrar made it difficult for him to combine them with those of Librarian, and it was therefore divided at the April meeting of Trustees to relieve Dr. Bell of his duties as Librarian. This post was conferred on Mr. Adam Shortt, his salary being increased to $1000 a year, with the understanding that he should during the summer make a complete catalgue of the books in the Library. Dr. Bell continuing at his former salary as Registrar.

The Museum also was greatly enriched during this winter by many and valuable contributions, including a large collection of skins of birdsand mammals from Hudson's Bay, and many fine specimens in the Geological Department.

The Principal had also secured a number of contributions during his trip round the world. Additional grants were made by the Trustees both to the Library and Museum.

The Chancellor announced in his annual address at Convocation that on the determination of the Trustees to issue a Domesday Book the work had been begun by Dr. Williamson, who had already collected much material for it and had consented to write the annals of the College.

As the Vice-Principal had....


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