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been connected with Queen's from her earlist existence, and
had taken part in every stage of her growth and development,
he was especially fitted for this task. It was proposed
to embrace the following chapters in the history of Queen's

1. Introductory - 1831-1841
2. Comprising events from the date of the Royal Charter to
the purchase of the Summer Hill property and the occupation
of the old College buildings - 1841-1854.
3. From 1854 to the appeal of Dr. Snodgrass and Prof
Mackerras for endowment in 1869
4. From the occupation of the new buildings to 1890 or as
may hereafter be determined.

At this Convocation the portrait of the
Principal, by Mr. Harris of Montreal, was presented to the
University, and it was reported that progress has been made
in endowing a chair in Divinity to bear the name of the
Principal, it having been decided the previous year that all
contributions to the Jubilee Fund, beyond the minimum of
$250.000 that might be received, should be applied as far
as required to the endowment of such chair.

The lease held but the Royal Medical
College having almost expired, the Trustees granted a new
lease for an additional term of ten years. The Rev. James
Carmichael of King was appointed Lecturer in Church
History for the following year, and the Rev. James
Ross of Perth for the session of 1890-91.

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