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favour, and a committee was appointed consisting of the
Finance and Estate Committee together with Mr. Justice
Maclennan, the Chancellor, Messrs E. W Rathbun, W. C.
Caldwell, MPP and Geo Gilles to discuss the matter with
others, promoting the movement, and to consider the incorporation
of a Board of Management to represent all interests.
A scheme likely to enlist the co-operation of the Government
and municipalities was suggested.

Another important
matter was considered during this session, and in the
spring was brought before the Board of Trustees. This was
the proposed organization of a Medical Faculty, as a part
of the University. The Medical Faculty, already existing
in Kingston, was established in 1854, and afterwards
affiliated with Queen's under the name of the Royal
College. The relations between the Royal and Queen's
had always been of the friendliest character, and on both
sides mention had been frequently made of a desire for
organic union.

A committee was appointed to confer with
the Faculty of the Royal College and to report to the
Board. After a conference between the Committee and
the Faculty it was announced to the Board that the
Faculty accept the proposal of organic union
with Queen's, subject to the maintenance of

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