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should be undertaken by the University, in the same way
as theoretical analytic and practical Chemistry had
been undertaken; That a professor should be appointed
by the Trustees, who would devote his whole time to the
Chair, assisted if possible by a Fellow or Fellows. That
such professor should be an expert in Biology and not
only a good teacher, but also a fine demonstrator and
manipulator, who could prepare with success the microscopic
sections needed in biological work: and that the
fees now paid for the courses of physiology and histology,
should as in the case of chemistry be devoted to
assist in paying the salaries and other expenses of this

As regards the appointments to the Faculty
censures or dismissals: On this subject various opinions
were expressed, but there was not time to come to a
conclusion - Whether as in McGill the Faculty should
recommend and the governing body of the University appoint
or dismiss on their recommendation, or whether
another body, composed of representatives of the Faculty,
the Council and the Trustees should be clothed with these
functions or whether the Trustees or the University Council
should be themselves, or by a committee appoint, or
dismiss was not decided. The matter however, was
discussed in a most friendly spirit, and the only objects
kept in view were the honour of the University,
the welfare of the Faculty and the best

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