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of two hundred and fifty dollars a year, for five years to
meet the expenses of the new department if the revenue from
the sources specified above proved inadequate.vThe Board
adopted the report and agreed to divide Professor Fowler's
Chair as proposed.

The Principal then recommended
A.P. Knight. M.A., M.D. for the new Chair of Zoology,
Physiology and Histology on the understanding that (1)
that his salary of $1000 was not to be increased unless and
as the fees increased, beyond the sum mentioned in the
above report and (2) that he should qualify within the
next two or three years as a medical practitioner in
Ontario, a Fellow to be appointed in the meanwhile who
had passed the Council and whose signature to the
tickets of Physiology would be accepted by the Council.
It was then resolved that Dr. Knight should be elected
Professor to the new Chair, on these terms, his duties to
begin on the 13th of October 1892.

Regarding the proposed Medical Faculty, after
some discussion it was enacted, (1) That there shall be
and there is hereby established in the University of Queen's
College a Faculty of Medicine which shall be known as
"The Medical Faculty of the University" (2) The Faculty
shall consist of Professors, Lecturers, and Demonstrators of
Medicine and of such members of the Staff in the
Faculty of Arts who shall be known as
Associate Professors in both Faculties as shall be

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