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Copy. 25/1/50.
Somerset Dam,
via Esk.
1st December, 1949.

Deputy Director of Native Affairs,
William Street, BRISBANE.

Dear Sir,

I would like to find out the meaning of an aboriginal
name of a mountain near the Dam.

It is situated near Billy Can Creek. One mile west
of Stanley River School and three miles north-west of Kirkleigh which is just
about half way between the Dam site and Kilcoy.

The mountain is marked as 1100 feet high and has the

Also can you tell me any folk-lore or legends of
the goerge between Little Mount Brisbane and Mount Brisbane being haunted or
taboo ground to the tribes that originally lived here.

I thought that among some of the very old aboriginal
pensioners of the State there might be someone who knows something.

This is a personal enquiry and not official in any way.

Yours faithfully,

Sgd. A.M. Lumsdaine.
A.M. Lumsdaine.

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