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81 Curzon St
26th Sept. 1948

The Superintendent
Cherbourg Mission Settlement.

Dear Sir,
Could you please tell me
the Aboriginal name for "Sunsets" or
"Beautiful Sunsets", or even "Sunset

From our new home, situated almost
on the brow of the Range, we receive
wonderful effects when the sun sets,
so are anxious to name our home
appropriately. As neither my husband
nor I feel quite satisfied with the
name "Sunset", we decided to find out
the true aboriginal terms, and to
use one of them.
I shall deem it a courtesy if you will
reply to this letter at your earliest conven
ience, and enclose a stamped & addressed
envelope for reply. Thanking you
in anticipation.
Yours faithfully
D. Lawrenson. (Mrs. P.A.)

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