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SurnameGiven/First NameNumber/Year
Ah Lung733/1900
Ah Salam @ Ali Ben Salam870/1900; 1127/1900
Ah Chong @ Ah Low100/1901; 143/1902
Ah Chew102/1901
Ah Chuck see Tommy Ah King1019/1900
Ah Sin @ Ah Sing57/1902; 811/1902; 327/1903
Ah Gun146/1902
Ah Cue171/1902
Ah Sam Georgie @ Yen Poo430/1902; 660/1902
Ah Foo680/1903
Ah Muh @ Lum Gum97/1904
Ah Sam177/1904
Ah Lid182/1904
Ah Chong245/1904
Ah Gee683/1904
Ah Haw685/1904
Ah Lum784/1904
Ah Low971/1904
Ah Chew73/1905; 125/1905; 230/1905
Ah Law635/1905
Ah Bone814/1886; 837/1886
Ah Bow41/1872; 156/1873; 293/1873; 61/1874
Ah Bow22/1878; 68/1878
Ah Charlie @ Ah Foo580/1888; 796/1888; 799/1888; 937/1889; 74/1893; 93/1893; 216/1894; 585/1894
Ah Cook or Coon423/1880
Ah Cow434/1875
Ah Cowie251/1879; 375/1879; 410/1879; 453/1883
Ah Dep323/1870
Ah Gee343/1884; 346/1884
Ah Gee413/1884
Ah Gee737/1884; 755/1884
Ah Gee446/1885
Ah Gee813/1886; 836/1886
Ah GeeWillie270/1887; 295/1887
Ah Gee @ Jimmy Gee621/1887; 890/1891
Ah Goon409/1880
Ah Goon445/1887
Ah Gow538/1894
Ah Ging233/1871
Ah Hang349/1878
Ah Hee139/1871
Ah Him410/1880
Ah HingJimmy427/1877
Ah Hing4/1886
Ah HingTommy530/1889
Ah Hoey393/1877
Ah Hoe500/1878
Ah Hong509/1894
Ah Hop @ Kee Chow: Johnny Young444/1875
Ah How58/1872
Ah Hook32/1893
Ah Hung391/1893
Ah Ing170/1879
Ah Joss172/1871
Ah Kan229/1870; 296/1870; 136/1873
Ah Kee or Keet205/1881; 1173/1886; 280/1891; 410/1891
Ah Fan348/1878
Ah Fatt548/1876
Ah Fat @ Ah Chong634/1872
Ah Gan301/1877
Ah Gan521/1889
Ah Kerr1218/1891
Ah Kim61/1890; 1102/1890; 33/1891; 66/1891; 678/1891; 679/1891
Ah Kim262/1880
Ah King522/1889
Ah Kum584/1891
Ah Lay1208/1891
Ah Lee389/1877
Ah Lim434/1879
Ah Lock21/1881; 314/1887
Ah Long261/1880
Ah Loy317/1877
Ah Lunn380/1875
Ah Luk515/1889
Ah Man23/1877
Ah Man98/1888
Ah Mat see Charley641/1888
Ah Moo97/1889
Ah Moon148/1879
Ah MoyTommy763/1889
Ah Moy93/1881
Ah Moy176/1894
Ah Ming299/1877; 36/1878; 936/1889; 121/1890
Ah Moy467/1892
Ah Mon331/1880
Ah Nee8/1888
Ah Now583/1891
Ah On36/1876
Ah On518/1889
Ah Pat476/1877
Ah Pat275/1883
Ah Paw450/1877
Ah Paw376/1881; 439/1881
Ah PoiJimmy107/1871
Ah Pooy97/1876
Ah Poo @ Jim Lee240/1871; 134/1872
Ah Poo178/1878
Ah Pong16/1890
Ah Pow207/1890
Ah Que421/1881
Ah Quay937/1892
Ah Quong213/1870
Ah Sam63/1878; 101/1878
Ah Sam161/1878
Ah Sam165/1878
Ah Sam66/1882
Ah Sam137/1882
Ah Sam392/1883
Ah Sam205/1884
Ah Sam471/1886
Ah SamWillie588/1886; 756/1887
Ah Sam @ Lue Sue351/1887

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Entry 55: please check year for last entry


Entry 65: not sure if it is 522 or 552

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