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for 1859 should be defrayed by the Colony
of New South Wales, and that the amount
fairly chargeable against the new colony
for the month of December, 1859 should
be added to the Public debt of Queensland.

6. I would propose that the
Postmaster General of New South Wales and
the Colonial Secretary of Queensland be
instructed to communicate, through
the respective Governors, concering the
Postal Lines partly situated in both
Colonies, the proportion due from Queensland
being made a matter of Account between
the two Governments. All matters of
detail can be arranged by the Post -
Master General, and Colonial Secretary
aforesaid, with the approval of the
superior authorities.

7. All accounts for Postage
due by Queensland country Postmasters
to the date of the first Proclamation of
the new Colony, i.e. until 1st December, 1859,
and for Postage Stamps unaccounted for
at the same date, should be paid for
and valued at the end of the current

8. It is essential for the
Government of Queensland to obtain forthwith
a Quarter's supply of Postage Stamps in
advance from The New South Wales
Inspector of Stamps, the number of
such stamps to be added to the public
debt of Queensland, or, should that course
be objected to, such stamps to be paid
for as may be agreed on. This
arrangement is urgently required. I, therefore,
earnestly request the New South Wales
Government to order that a supply for
three months' consumption, may forthwith


Left Margin

His Excellency
Governor General
Sir W. T. Denison, K.C.B.

&c. &c. &c.

be transmitted to the care of the Colonial
Secretary of Queensland. It is presumed
that these Stamps will be supplied at
the price which they cost the Governments
of New South Wales.

9. It is further requested
that a supply for threee months of
registry books, letter bills, and other
forms for the management of the
Queensland Post-Offices, be furnished
forthwith; the cost to be placed to
the debit of this Colony. Three iron
letter receivers are also required.

10. I further request that I
may be informed fully of the manner
in which the New South Wales Postage Stamps
have been manufactured in the Colony,
or procured from England; with their
price &c. and that Major Christie be
authorised to offer his suggestions as
to the best mode of procuring stamps
for Queensland.

I have etc.

Sigd. G. F. Bowen

No. 5

Government House,

Brisbane, Queensland,

24th December, 1859.


I have received the enclosed
Memorial from the late Governor of the
Gaol at Brisbane, complaining of his
removal from that Office by the
Government of New South Wales.

2. I request that Your Excellency

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