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No 32.


Government House,

Brisbane, Queensland,

21st August, 1860.


I have the honor to state
that a Despatch from the Duke
of Newcastle
to Governor General
Sir William Denison
(No.11 of 21 January
1860) conveying a recommendation,
founded, as it would appear, on
a suggestion from Your Excellency,
that the river variously known
as the Cooper, the Victoria, the
Strzelecki, and the Barcoo, should
henceforward retain the latter
designation only, - has been transmitted
to Queensland, as part of the stream
in question now lying within the
Colony of New South Wales.

2. The Government of this
Colony entirely agrees with the Duke
of Newcastle
's recommendation; and
I have already informed his Grace
that directions have been given
that as much of the river
referred to as is comprised in
the Territory of Queensland, shall
be designated the Barcoo. Your
Excellency will doubtless take
similar steps respecting that
portion of the stream which is
comprised withing the Territory of
South Australia.

2. I further stated to the
Duke of Newcastle that, in my
opinion, two distinct principles
should be adopted as general
rules, in settling the local


His Excellency
Sir R. G. Macdonell, C.B.

&c. &c. &c.


South Australia

nomenclature of Australia. So far as
regards the Great features of nature,
such as rivers and mountains, I
think that the native names, if
tolerably distinct and euphonious,
should invariably be retained. But
with regard to the towns founded
by the European settlers, and the
new territorial divisions of counties,
electoral districts, and the like, - I
hold it to be advisable that they
should usually be named after
the leading Statesmen of the day, after
other Englishmen eminent in politics,
science or literature in the Mother -
Country, or after the Governors and
other conspicuous public men in
the respective Colonies.

I have &c.

Signed / G. F. Bowen.

No. 33

Government House,

Brisbane, Queensland,

28th August, 1860


I have the nonor to acknowledge
the receipt with its enclosures, of
Your Excellency's letter of the 17th inst.
which did not reach me until
the 20th inst. I laid it on the
following morning before my Executive

2. The Government of Queensland
entirely concur with Your Excellency's
views respecting the importance of
lighting the Torres Straits route;

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