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No 43.

Enclosure 1
Enclosure 2

M.H. Marsh Esq. M.P.
45 Rutland Gate
Hyde Park

Government House
Brisbane Queensland,
6th December, 1860

I have much pleasure in
informing you that I have
acquainted the Executive Council
of this Colony with your offer
to act gratuitously as Hononary
Agent General and Representative
of Queensland in the United Kingdom;
and that, with their advice, I
have appointed you to that office.
I enclose copy of the Minute
of Council on this appointment;
and of the despatch in which
I have reported it to the Secretary of State.

2. The Government of Queensland
desire to take this oppportunity
of expressing, through me, their
sense of the zeal and ability with
which you co-operated with this
Colony in its' long and arduous
struggle for separation from New
South Wales
; and their confidence
that it will continue to derive
great advantages from Your exertions
on behalf of its' interests I cordially
concur in these sentiments.
I have to.
Signed / G. F. Bowen.


No 44.

His Excellency
Sir R. G. MacDonnell C.B.
etc. etc. etc.

Government House
Brisbane, Queensland
10th December, 1860

Your despatch of 17th September,
ult., arrived during my absence
from Brisbane on an official tour
to the northern districts of this

2. I was not previously aware
of the facts recorded in your
enclosures; but before the receipt
of these documents, the Government
of Queensland had already agreed
(as stated in my letter to Your
Excellency of 21st August ult.) to follow
the advice of the Secretary of State
respecting the river henceforward
to be know as the Barcoo.

3. I learn from Sir W. Denison
that the Government of New South
have also signified their
adherence to the opinion of the
Duke of Newcastle; and I trust
that the Government of South
will see reason to pursue
a similar course.
I have to.
Signed / G.F. Bowen

No 45.

Government House
Brisbane, Queensland
19th December, 1860.

Referring to previous correspondence
with the Major-General Commanding

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