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were handed over to the Civil

A short time back, the
Municipality of Brisbane applied
for a small portion of the
ground occupied as the Officer's
garden, for the sake of widening
the street outside; but the
Government, on my recommendation,
have refused compliance. It
was proposed, however, to erect a
high fence (at the line marked
A.D. in the enclosed plan,) so
as to separate altogether the
buildings used as an Immigration
Depot from the buildings occupied
by the soldiers. As the old
country system of Immigration
has been discontinued in Queensland,
and the Immigrants go to their
friends and employers almost
immediately on landing, the
Immigration Depot would never
be occupied except for a few
days, or, perhaps, weeks in
the course of the whole year,
that, is on the arrival of
an Immigrant Ship, nevertheless,
in compliance with your
suggestion, I have recommended
and my Government has agreed
that the Immigrants shall
be accommodated elsewhere,
even for the short space of
time referred to above, that
the smaller of the Immigration
barracks on the plan shall
be removed altogether, and
that the other Immigration


Left Margin

Major-General Pratt. C.B.



Barrack shall become the armoury
and drill-room of the Volunteers,
instead of the lower floor of the
building occupied by the soldiers.

It is necessary, for many obvious
reasons, that the arms and
accoutrements of the Volunteers
should be so placed as to be
under the guard of the Military

Lieut. Seymour has signified
to me his entire concurrence
with this arrangement, which
indeed, simply carries out your
own suggestions.

I have &c.

Signed / G. F. Bowen

No. 7

Government House,

Brisbane, Queensland,


20th August, 1861


I have the honor to acknowledge
the receipt, on the 14th inst, of your
letter of the 13th of May ult; as also
of the samples of wool, and copies of
an Address from the Bradford
Chamber of Commerce, forwarded
through Her Majestys' Principal
Secretary of State for the

I have caused the Address
to be published in the Government
Gazette of this Colony; and the
samples of wool to be exhibited

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