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Government House,
Brisbane, Queensland,
4th February, 1862.

With reference to the concluding
portion of your letter of the
10th September ult., in which
you express a hope that you
will be able ere long to increase
the strength of the detachment
at Brisbane. I have to request,
on behalf of the Government
of this Colony, that you will
now complete it to its proper
strength of two officers, and
fifty (50) men. The President
of the Legislative Council of
Queensland was lately informed
by the Officer Commanding in
New South Wales that one officer
and twenty-five (additional) men can be
fothwith provided for this purpose,
from the present garrison of Sydney,
so soon as your sanction shall
have been received.
In previous communications,
especially in the letters which I
had the honor to address to
you on the 11th March and 16th
July 1860, I glanced at some
of the numerous reasons of
both Imperial and Colonial
advantage and policy, which
render it so desirable that the
capital of Queensland should
not be left without a detachment
of at least the strength mentioned
above. You are already aware

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